Football Fever 150,000,000 TSH Promotion!


Meridianbet and Habanero have a super casino promotion for you just in time for Euro 2020 and Copa America! Win your share of 150,000,000 TSh!



  • Promotion of Knockout Football Rush lasts from 10.06. to 07/17/2021.
  • The promotion consists of 5 mini tournaments, with a total value of 25,000 EUR (10 - 25.06.2021), followed by the Daily Jackpot Race campaign, with a total value of 30,000 EUR (26.06 - 17.07.2021)
  • Tournaments are held on all slot games by Habanero that are available through the website or mobile application .
  • The prize fund of each of the tournaments is 5,000 EUR and the tournaments are held according to the following schedule:
Tournament Scoring Criteria Duration Number of Rewards per Tournament Prize Fund per Tournament
1 Total Stake 10/06/2021 00:00
13/06/2021 23:59
100 300,000 TSh
2 Total Payin 14/06/2021 00:00
16/06/2021 23:59
100 300,000 TSh
3 Total Payin 17/06/2021 00:00
19/06/2021 23:59
100 300,000 TSh
4 Total Payin 20/06/2021 00:00
22/06/2021 23:59
100 300,000 TSh
5 Total Payin 23/06/2021 00:00
25/06/2021 23:59
100 300,000 TSh
Placement Reward Number of Winners Total
1 2,800,000 TSH 1 2,800,000 TSH
2 1,600,000 TSH 1 1,600,000 TSH
3-4 900,000 TSH 2 1,800,000 TSH
5-8 550,000 TSH 4 2,200,000 TSH
9-16 160,000 TSH 8 1,280,000 TSH
17-24 95,000 TSH 8 760,000 TSH
25-100 40,000 TSH 76 3,040,000 TSH
  • The winner of each of the tournaments is the player who achieves the most points, and the remaining ranking is determined by the same criteria.
  • The scoring criterion in all tournaments is the highest total player stake/payin during the tournament.
  • During the tournament, players can see the current ranking position inside the participating games. The list is updated in real time.
  • If 2 or more players have the same number of points - the player who first achieved that result will be better placed.
  • After the mini tournament, the Daily Jackpot Race campaign begins, which lasts from June 26 to July 17, 2021.
  • 2,200 players will be rewarded during the campaign, for a total of 80,000,000 TSH.
  • The Jackpot Race will be held every day from 9 pm to 11 pm during the promotional period.
  • Games that participate in the Jackpot Race: Knockout Football Rush, 5 Lucky Lions, Before Time Runs Out, Bombs Away, Christmas Gift Rush, Colossal Gems, Egyptian Dreams Deluxe, Fa Cai Shen, Fa Cai Shen Deluxe, Four Divine Beasts, Happy Ape, Hey Sushi, Hot Hot Fruit, Jellyfish Flow, Jellyfish Flow Ultra, London Hunter, Loony Blox, Lucky Fortune Cat, Lucky Lucky, Magic Oak, Mount Mazuma, Naughty Santa, Nuwa, Orbs of Atlantis, Pumpkin Patch, Santa's Village, Scopa, Taberna De Los Muertos, Taberna De Los Muertos Ultra, Techno Tumble, Totem Towers, Wealth Inn, Wild Trucks, Wizards Want War!, Candy Tower, Calaveras Explosivas.
  • The minimum bet per spin for all Tournaments as well as for daily Jackpot Races is 0.10 EUR or the equivalent of other currencies.
  • The jackpot will be paid to the winners automatically, while the prizes from the tournament will be paid into the players' accounts after the end of the tournament, of which the players will be notified by notification. The money is immediately available for withdrawal or play a complete offer from the site. There are no wagering requirements.
  • The prize fund is determined in euros and may vary depending on the movement of the local currency exchange rate.
  • Knockout Football Rush is a ‘network’ tournament, which means that players from all online casinos that offer games that participate in the promotion can participate in it. There is no guarantee that any Meridian Casino player will win any prize. Placement in the tournament depends entirely on the total number of points that the player achieves during the promotion, while determining the jackpot winner is completely random and Meridian's players have the same chances as the players of other world casinos.
  • Meridianbet reserves the right to cancel the results and not pay the prize, in cases where the player's score is partly or completely due to an obvious error, technical problem or malfunction of the game, regardless of whether the error, problem or malfunction is the result of human, mechanical or software errors, as well as in cases of fraud or joint play by multiple players.
  • Meridianbet reserves the right to terminate the promotion at any time.
  • General terms and conditions apply.

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