Get 5% cash back into your online account as a Bonus every week if you have a losing week!

Thats a WIN if you lose promotion just for being part of the Meridianbet Plus Club!


For you to qualify for this promotion, the following Terms & Conditions apply:

  • You will need to sign-up for a Meridianbet Plus loyalty card at your local Meridianbet betting branch
  • You will get up to 5% back on your aggregate weekly net loss from your weekly betting activity in-store.  The weekly period is from a Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59 with money back bonuses being credited before 6PM every Wednesday
  • The aggregate net loss is calculated as: Winning bets profit - losing stakes.  For example, you have winning bets for 5000 TSh (stake excluded) and losing bets for 6000 TSh.  The net loss for the week is 1000 TSh. You will get up to 5% back on 1000 TSh which is up to 50 TSh. The minimum net loss for the period taken must be 1000 TSh or more to qualify
  • Maximum money back amount is 250,000 TSh per week
  • To claim your funds, you must accept the bonus in your Meridianbet account notifications